LTD. "Kalmeta"

Canned box production

Already for more than thirty years Ltd. “Kalmeta” offers to consumers qualitative, safe and convenient packaging for canned food products.

The main value of our company are professional, energetic and responsible employees. Disregarding our situation on the market, we are working in a targeted manner both in terms of decision-making and implementation of decisions.

Ltd. "Kalmeta" has obtained certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018.


The company manufactures standard round lids, round and figurative (Hansa type), EOE-easy open end, two-part cylindrical and figurative (Hansa type) cans.

During the manufacturing process, single-row and double-row presses are used for manufacturing of cans and lids.

LTD Kalmeta Canned box production
Cans Ø 99Cans Ø 99Cans Ø 99Cans Ø 99Lids Ø 99Cans "HANSA"Lids "HANSA"

No. 21 B

Height:18,5 mm
Volume: 110 ml

No. 2 B

Height: 26,3 mm
Volume: 165 ml

No. 3 B

Height: 33,2 mm
Volume: 217 ml

No. 8

Height: 48,0 mm
Volume: 325 ml

EOE (easy open end) lids


Length: 148,26 mm
Width: 81,00 mm
Height: 24,09 mm
Volume: 190 ml

EOE lids for HANSA cans

Length 157.1 mm
Width 90.4 mm

No. 21

Height:21,00 mm
Volume: 130 ml

No. 2

Height: 27,3 mm
Volume: 175 ml

No. 3

Height: 38,2 mm
Volume: 250 ml

Standard round lids

"HANSA" low length

Length: 148,26 mm
Width: 81,00 mm
Height: 22,00 mm
Volume: 170 ml

Material used for manufacturing of products – tin.
We also offer various individual solutions for manufacturing of cans.

We strive for achieving flawless manufacturing quality and meeting the demand of customers by using safe and cost-saving manufacturing equipment and employing professional employees.

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Laura Auna
Logistics Manager

Ivars Zviedris
Technical Director

Ineta Pāže
Financial Director

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